What are Age of Z (AOZ) Citizens?

AOZ (Age of Z) is a first-of-its-kind PFP project that embodies the spirit and values of the Gen Z community: inclusivity, privacy, and free will. AOZ is comprised of 1993 hand-drawn “Citizens,” each with a unique set of futuristic traits and attributes. AOZ citizens are metaverse natives who are dedicated to building a self-sufficient, autonomous, and harmonious world in which innovative and collaborative systems are promoted to defend privacy. The AOZ metaverse is an inclusive and decentralized community that’s part cyberpunk, part contemporary art.

1993 Characters

#Class I (SSR)
#Class II (SR)
#Class III (R)
#Class IV (N)
Each hand-drawn with 500+ distinctive attributes
Cypherpunk Aesthetics

The Story

As AOZ citizens, we are the first generation to come together to create a truly decentralized utopia with encryption that grants ubiquitous independence and privacy. However, our social networks continue to face attacks as they expand, urging citizens to defend autonomy with their unique traits and abilities for the common good. To preserve liberty and prosperity in the AoZ metaverse, we must now work together in safeguarding our Decentropolis...

Class I// Specially Super Rare (SSR)

[AOZ Kings]

Gifted with wisdom and valor, the kings are destined to lead with supreme authority and power, embodying "decentropolis" in its unity and legitimacy. Crowned with glory and dignity, they hail from a royal lineage as surrealistic cyborgs with supernatural strength and flair, serving as lasting and epic inspiration for generations of AOZ citizens.

Population: 10 (0.5%)
Traits: Highborn, Reign

Class II // Super Rare (SR)

[AOZ Heroes]
40 (2%)

With their high morals and invincibility, the heroes evolve from popular fictional protagonists that shine with strong personalities and charisma. Born with nobility and passion, they are truly the marvelous leaders serving "decentropolis" with tech-savvy prowess and competence.

Traits: Icon
Traits: Prestige

Class III // Rare (R)

[AOZ Warriors]
450 (22.5%)

Distinguished by their wild and fierce characteristics, the warriors are equipped with mythical power and mighty gears to help them stand firm against challenges and adversity. They make up the core defense regiment of the "decentropolis", striding off with courage and tenacity.

Traits: Steampunk
Traits: Mask

Class IV // Normal (N)

[AOZ Guardians]

The guardians are loyal champions of the Age of Z world "decentropolis", exuding wit and confidence with idiosyncratic styles. They strike with sci-fi and whimsical spirits, bursting with energy and techno swag.

Population: 1493 (75%)
Traits: Peace, Freedom
AOZ public minting begins on December 15th 2021! (All NFTs will be randomly revealed in a fair launch)
1,500 NFTs for public mint
200 NFTs airdrops to ZKSwap 360-day PoS mining participants
293 NFTs allocated to marketing and community activities
3D NFT Models and Video Sneak Peek
Bring every AOZ citizen to life with artificial intelligence (AI) and independent personas so holders can communicate and build connections with their AOZ through claiming NFT souls.
Launch community creation feature, allowing AOZ holders to create derivatives of their Citizens.
Introduce community governance and explore new opportunities for holders to use their NFTs to engage in DeFi and gaming
A liquidity pool will be launched to stabilize the price of AOZ NFTs. The liquidity pool comes from 5% of sales.
Creating the Metaverse of Decentropolis.
Launch AOZ gamefi: Decentropolis is constantly being invaded by aliens that want to destroy the peace and tranquility of our city. AOZ citizens need to unite their powers to defeat these villains and rebuild the AOZ world.
Exclusive Interactive City with NFT avatars.
Massive Multiplayer experience.


Project Director / Junie XProduct & Operation / Silas GArtist / RK GalleryTech Development / Wes LIn-house illustrator / Eva LCommunity Manager / Shaheen YPR Marketing / Regic CBD Manager / Moku H
Junie X
Silas G
RK Gallery
Wes L
Eva L
Shaheen Y
Regic C
Moku H

Welcome to the Age of Z

The Age-of-Z citizens are 1993 hand-drawn unique and futuristic characters dedicated to building a self-sufficient, automated, and harmonious world in which innovative and collaborative systems are promoted to defend privacy. Freedom, punk, and peace are spirits we need to bring our vision of an inclusive and decentralized world to life.
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